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Old 07-27-2019, 09:06 AM
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Cool 1/35 KV2 Trumpeter vignette

G'day viewers and pursuers of plastic scenarios from the Dark Side.
I have had a KV2 sitting 'in the wings of my stash' for a while begging me to bring it out of stasis and 'apply electrodes' to bring it to life.
I haven't built one of these newer versions since the 1970's Tamiya version so I was keen to see how much had changed.
Here I am up to putting on the tracks and weathering them and the Trumpeter kit gives you individual link track that is reasonable and certainly better than the old plastic rubber band ones....but they have plenty of punch marks underneath that need to be sanded thoroughly before you can get anywhere near painting them.
I applied a Vallejo German cammo black as the base then proceeded to go in hard with pigments and fixative.

Next was the chassis which on a KV is pretty basic but does offer good opportunities for weathering and paint deterioration.
Stage 1 was about getting a good green base down that had plenty of tonal variation, then adding some mud with Tamiya soil effect - brown, which I really like and recommend as a solid base texture and for a base color.
Stage 2 was some toning over the darker greens using Vallejio paints, as I had already painted the dark black green base with Tamiya, I have always just airbrushed varying lighter shades on 1 tone base color to randomise its appearance using panels/ surfaces.
Stage 3
So stage 3 has been about adding some coats of very thin Vallejo greens, then, once dry, going across to thin pools of washes of greens and mud colors with pigments. Once these have dried I start detailing and creating complimentary contrasts through weathering and then bring back the green base colors.

What I want to achieve with this one is a bit of a challenge due to the nature of the KV series and it being an OOTB build aside from the tracks.
KV tanks are quite bland really but their 'blockyness' can be made to work in your favour. The straight panels and defined segments to the detail can be used to highlight different colors of mud, as well as breaking up the greens and bringing highlights forward where they can be given more interest, next to straight panel segments.

I also wanted to weather this tank without chipping much or sending it to the scrap heap. The fenders are an obvious area for highlighting, as these are made from a much thinner metal and are more prone to scratching and damage. Their large flat surfaces allow for some interesting subtle effects to bring the big bland beast to life.

The winter cammo is Vallejo white acrylic with AK Heavy chipping effects sprayed on underneath (on top of the green).
This is the first time I have tried the AK Heavy Chipping and would recommend caution on a smaller model as it comes off very easily. This suited me for the large KV2 panels but I don't think it would work well with say a MK3 panzer. I would go with the lighter chipping solution for a smaller subject with smaller panels.

I think that the heavy solution though would go very well on the larger 1/16 tanks as you can get a broader response more quickly.
The white was then weathered further with light and dark brown pigments and finished with dry oil applications using a short , stiff but soft brush, allowing plenty of control.
I then worked on the sides before putting on the guards so I could get to everything easily....

The base needed to reflect a thawing Russia, set after the disastrous winter of 1941/42, so I had some experimenting to do getting the dark Russian earth colors to appear wet and dry in various states, as well as patches of still melting snow.
Here is the Tank on the base without track fenders, the snow or the extra details painted/ highlighted.

I had to complete the fenders for the tracks and add the extra details that sit on them.

I then added the extra effects to finalise the scene such as the figure and wagon wheel with small additions such as the sign to the field hospital mounted on the front fender.
A lot of work was put into the tonal variation on the wet and dry soil before laying down the patchy snow.

I changed the figure for the final stage and added the melting snow.

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plastic Nymphomaniac

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Bravo! That's a great KV! Amazing weathering
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