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Old 01-26-2005, 11:41 AM
scott scott is offline
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Well I'm finally getting around to starting my first Vbench after requesting one months ago. My first subject is DML's awesome T-34/41 kit that will be converted into a T-34/57 Tank Destroyer. Its a very simple conversion, basicly the 76mm Gun was swapped out with a ZIS-3 57mm gun that gave the apperance of a broom stick coming out of the turret. :lol: In addition to the DML kit I'll be using Modelpoint's 57mm Gun for the converison. I'm not planning on using any other aftermarket with the kit besides some mosket exhausts since the PE DML gives you is all pretty much what you need, esp with a vechicle thats is plain as this one. The Aber sets I got will go on my T-34m1940 that I might update into a 41 model using CMD turret. Always wanted to do the T-34 thats on the cover of Squadrons T-34 in action with that cool camo and guards markings on the turret. but I degress, I have the running gear done on the T-34 and I'll post photos later. I'm primarly using this model as a Painting/weathering exercise and I'll hopefully have it done for AMPS in April

heres my primary referance material: http://www.battlefield.ru/t34_57.html

I have some scale drawings from a Polish book also that I'll be using.
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