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AFV Club Centurion Mk 5/1 Aust
DML Ersatz M10
DML Panzer IV Ausf. H Build Log...
Tamiya JS II ChKz
Trumpeter 1/16th scale King Tiger
'211' Panther G Steel Wheel, Stoumont, BoB 1944
'412' Panther A
Panther A - Panzer Lehr, Normandy 1944
Panther G 6 Dot of I./24 Normandy 1944
Goodies.. who doesnt like goodies?
DML Panther G Smart kit
Flamm Char b1 bis
Bronco Humber Scout Car Mk.1
Famo mit 88
Tasca VC Firefly
Panzer IV J Final
DML Stug 3G Smrt Kit
Tiger 1 '213 of 503 - Normandy 1944
DML M2 Halftrack
DML Marder II
DML 234/4....
Sneak Peak - Tamiya Char 1 B
Befehls Panther A - nr 96
Tamiya 1/48th Panther G
Knocked Out Iraqi Type 69-II
T55AM - Northern Alliance
DML T34/76 mod 1940
DML Sd.Kfz 251/21
Steel Wheel Panther 221, La Gleize
DML Panther D
DML Panzer IV Ausf E
Israeli Tiran 5
DML Late Tiger 1
Tristar Pz IV Ausf D..
M4 Sherman - It begins..
BergePanther Ausf A
K.O'd Panther A
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