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8-Valve Board-Track Racer vignette, bike and figure.
Iron Horse Cossack - 1/9th vignette.
Phab some Phatties
the "JD" project (rolling chassis) build
"1945 THUNDER GOD" sculpted figure/scratch-built aircraft.
Samurai 1944
GOLD for my scratch-built Fokker.
Painted and Weathered Miniature Motorcycle Engine.
Painting the large scale 1/9 figure "Cossack".
"Itchy Rider" 1/9th vignette.
Bob Letterman's scratch-build: "A U.S. Army Road Grader 1/35th"
Bob Letterman's Tank Retriever.
greetings from Korea 1950, home by Christmas
1/18th scratch-built M1919 A6 Machine gun.
Daimler-Benz G-4 "Geländewagen" (cross-country vehicle) 1/35 conversion.
17 pdr Self-Propelled Gun 'ARCHER' by Bronco in 1/35th
GOT WOOD? walnut diorama base & board track, UPDATE:03/05/11
1/9th scale Royal Enfield WD/RE, British Airborne Motorcycle the "Flying Flea"
British Grant Tank, "Night Opps."...another old school build.
A couple of US Tank Destroyers, monochromatic studies.
2 Pounder "PORTEE"...another 'old school' build.
Leopard-1-A4 "old school"
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