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DML Marder II
Geschutzwagen Tiger (Grille 17) by Trumpeter
Meng AUF1
Bronco's Archer
DML Sexton II 25pdr
Versuchsflakwagen 8.8cm Flak auf Sonderfahrgestell
Trumpeter S-51
Bronco Zrinyi II
Soviet Big Bang Theory
Soviet Big Bang Theory pt #2
Assortment of in progress modern SPGs
DML SU-76i Conversion
Hobby Boss Soviet AT-1
AFV Club Churchill 3inch 20 CWT Gun
Jagdpanzer IV Variants
DML #6460 Mid Brummbar WIP
Still Kickin
Bronco's 5t "Diana"
Dragon M7 Priest
DML Dicker Max WIP
Trumpeter Sturer Emil WIP
Panzer III at Stalingrad
DML Panzerjager 1 Finished "FINI" Dec. 28th
DML PanzerJager 1 WIP Dec 03
Sturer Emil
This Hummel is "FINI" on Oct 14
DML #6321 Late Hummel WIP/Oct 02
WIP Trumpeter 17cm Geschutzwagon Tiger
Three Panzers for the Shelf
DML Early JagdPanther almost completed.
#3 A Tamiya (Mid or Early?) Hetzer
My #2 build Finished-DML StuG Ausf G
My second build (StuG III Ausf G, DML Smart Kit)
DML Porsche Jagdtiger Part 2
DML Porsche Jagdtiger
First after Fifty
Cavalier Zimm Directions Missing
Something New"CHEAP"
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