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Ohh noo not Wittmann´s Tiger again!
Incoming products
LAH Tiger 1 314 EXPENSIVE!!
Fehrman Tiger
s SS PzAbt 503 Berlin
Pz IV G 432 "HG" Sicily 1943
Hildegard sPzAbt 502
9/SS Pz-Regt 3 winter -43-44
Last throw before I go
Small start for my next project
Future project ideas
Panther in sheepcloths
Totenkopf Tiger
Panzerbrigad 111 project
Soon to come
Sd.kfz 250/9 NEU
LSSAH Mid Tiger
Future purchasing and projects
Hitlerjugend Panther
Panther 225 at Lingévres
Wittmanns Tiger at Kursk
Announcement CH Wittmann´s Tiger
Insaine in the brain...Tiger Cyber hobby
sPzAbt 502
Exclusive on planetarmor
Herman Göring R02 Panther
Limited edition new project
New items
Figures I sculp
Charkov Pz4 F2
Yet another project
Panther from Pz Lehr Ursula
Figure Sculping
Licht und Schatten Panther
A new project for life!
Totenkopf troopers
Hitlerjugend Panther
Photos will come soon
The real thing I base my work on
News about projects
Panther A late HJ
Future projects here
Tiger 1 Early stallment
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