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Tiger "114", Rauray, late June 1944
The Aftermath, Falaise, 1944
Panther A, Anzio, Feb. 1944
Tigergrab, 503 sPz.Abt., Potash 1944
Ostfront taxi - snow Pz IV H, Ukraine 1944
Pz. IV in soviet use
shorttracked Panzer IV /70 A, Hungary, spring 1945
Hetzer in the mist, autumn 1944
Operation "Zvezda", Feb.'43
veteran M4A3, Germany, early 1945
Burnt Out Modern Car, Mig productions
Destroyed Marder III M - Normandy
The Dreadnought, Russia 1941
Drang Nach Osten - Barbarossa dio
DML Panzer III J stalingrad dio completed
Panzer IV/70 (Alkett)
Pzfpkw III J from Dragon
T 34 '42 from zvezda
T50 light tank- Barbarossa, july 1941
Sdkfz 251/1 D "Stuka zu Fuss"
Marder III
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